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Everything that we do is all about you and your clients.

They say that everything you need to know, you learned in kindergarten. I learned a lot in the hallowed halls of my neighborhood elementary school, and the lessons were simple: Create memories that matter. Bring joy to others. Kindness is key to lasting relationships.

When I reflected back on my early years, I realized that  the lessons I learned early on — the ones that made my heart sing — have taken me far in my career. I’ve been many things — a student, a teacher, a real estate agent, an event planner, and ultimately, an entrepreneur. And through it all, the lessons that I learned early on helped me thrive.

Not only is this important to me, but this is something that I want to give to other people. As Maya Angelou said, “At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they’ll remember how you made them feel.” And I want to teach you how to make your clients feel great. 

We curate beautiful and memorable experiences that connect your business to the people you are meant to serve.

Our Clients

It's time to meet your tribe.

No idea is too small or problem too big. Where are you on your business journey? We can design a plan that is unique to your business. Let us help you connect and grow.

My business is just an idea.

My business is not getting any traction.

Business is stable, but stagnant.

Business is booming. Now I have a new problem.

It's been a great ride. Now what?

Let us help.

We can give you the tools to grow you and your business at any stage.

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Business Development Workshops and Retreats

Surround yourself with likeminded business owners who will inspire you to scale. Learn how the masters do it and gain practical tools to propel your business forward.

Customer Experience Packages

Our customer experience packages will keep your name in the hearts and minds of your best customers who will rave about your business to more customers like them.

Giving Back

Building a business is more than just building your bottom line. It is also about making a social impact to strengthen communities. Connect 4A Cause provides opportunities to create change by hosting parties with a purpose.

Focus Group and Tasting Parties

Finding out what the world wants and thinks about your business should be fun. We create an experience that sets the image of your business.

Business and Product Launch Events

Business is not basic and neither are you. We create experiences that create customers.


What values guide you and your business? Where are you on your journey to sharing your gifts with your ideal client?

Who you are is reflected in the image your business speaks to the world.  No matter what phase of business you are in, we can help you create the business you want by curating events and experiences that connect your business with the people who care about your why. Take the first step by taking our business assessment below.

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Are you ready to create the business you love and give your clients experiences that will keep them coming back to you? Then it’s time to give us a call.


1510 Willow Lawn Drive, Suite 100
Richmond, VA 23230



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